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Stock Andrei Marcu's Favorite Choice 'Brandy of The Year'

12/12/2023 London's beloved Bartender, Andrei Marcu, is toasting to the success of Tamborine Mountain Distillery's Apricot Brandy, awarded 'Brandy of The Year' at the 2023 London Spirits Competition.

The 2023 London Spirits Competition showcased a distinguished gem: Apricot Brandy by Tamborine Mountain Distillery. This refined elixir, meticulously evaluated by a panel of judges, including the our favorite Bartender Andrei Marcu, earned the prestigious title of 'Brandy of The Year'. We highly recommend stocking up this award-winning Brandy for your retail store, or restaurant.

Image Source: Andrei Marcu

Andrei Marcu, a master in his own right, elevates the art of mixology beyond the ordinary. Originating from Bucharest, Romania, his journey from a background in mathematics and computer science to the vibrant world of bartending exemplifies a unique trajectory. Starting his journey with a mere £40, Marcu's professional odyssey led him to the esteemed position of senior bartender at Edgbaston Boutique Hotel in Birmingham.

Image Source: Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Behind the success of Apricot Brandy stands strong its distillery - Tamborine Mountain Distillery. This Queensland-based establishment was founded in 1993 by Michael and Alla Svetlana Ward. From a dilapidated citrus and avocado orchard, Michael Ward, a devoted gardener, transformed the landscape, establishing Tamborine Mountain Distillery as Australia's most awarded Distillery and Liquor brand in the new Millennium, boasting an impressive tally of over 300 international accolades. Apricot Brandy serves as a robust testament to the distillery's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Scoring an impressive 96 points at the 2023 London Spirits Competition, Apricot Brandy distinguished itself not only for its exquisite taste but also for its exceptional value for money and visual appeal. Their win at the LSC extends beyond mere recognition for Tamborine Mountain Distillery; it extends an open invitation for enthusiasts to indulge in their excellent ‘Brandy of The Year'. Andrei Marcu, with his diverse background and discerning palate, underscores his standing as a respected authority. His endorsement of Apricot Brandy further solidifies its status as a distinguished spirit, adding to its array of accolades.

Tasting Notes: A fruit brandy with pronounced aromas of stone fruits, caramel, raisin and flavors of vanilla, apricot and yogurt on palate with good balance and a long finish.

Check out this video where Sid Patel, CEO of London Competitions, engages in a discussion with Gordon Chalmers, General Manager at Tamborine Mountain Distillery, about the distillery's exciting win as the 'Brandy of The Year' at the 2023 London Spirits Competitions.

As Apricot Brandy rightfully claims its well-deserved place in the spotlight, it is also the right time to announce the forthcoming 7th Edition of the London Spirits Competition in 2024. Both international and domestic brands are encouraged to participate before December 20, 2023, to benefit from early bird pricing, ensuring a cost-effective entry into the competition.


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